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About us

About Terra dos Rios

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, a renovation project, a villa with a swimming pool or a plot; Terra dos Rios is your reliable partner!
Most properties offered by Terra dos Rios are situated in Central Portugal. We operate in the area from the beaches of the Costa da Prata stretching to the mountain of the Serra da Estrela.


We´ll find your property!
It is very important to us to find what you are looking for. We will thus do everything possible to get a proper idea of what it is you want.
Buying a house in a foreign country leads to different problems than those experienced in your own country. Not only the language, but also the rules, customs and the time you have to spend are factors that have to be taken into account.
For this reason, Terra dos Rios does not only assist with the purchase, but also offer the necessary support during the entire process of orientation, purchase, and – when needed – renovations. We know Portuguese Law, but also the unwritten rules and we have experience in ‘difficult cases.
We use a solid network of experts to assist us in our activities. This way, we offer a variety of services and you are guaranteed to receive excellent service with your purchase or sale.


Preparing in the Netherlands
Do you want an opportunity to calmly discuss the options with our team member in the Netherlands before travelling to Portugal? No problem! Find out about the various options.

Our services

Our services

A list of benefits

When buying from Terra dos Rios, you can count on our elaborate service. This means that Terra dos Rios:


  • Personally guide you in finding a suitable object;
  • When needed, first meet with you in the Netherlands;
  • Always view the properties with you;
  • Accompany you to the required institutions;
  • When necessary, intervene in the acquisition of a mortgage / finance;
  • Guide the entire sales process, including the organisation and acquisition of all necessary documents;
  • When necessary, negotiate temporary accommodation during your search or after the purchase;
  • Provide supporting services in applying for basic services (water, telecommunication, electricity);
  • Act as your reference and guide;
  • Even after finding your home or land, you can continue to count on the service and information of Terra dos Rios
Our approach

Our approach

Getting to know your desires

You make an appointment with Terra dos Rios to go and view your favorite houses. In as far as we had not done that during the orientation phase, we first take the time to get a good idea of what you are looking for. Let’s briefly consider the facts: How many rooms and bathrooms do you want? How many square meters of living space? Only ground floor or more storeys? In or outside of town or village? These matters are reasonably easily definable. Our experience however teaches that the more emotional aspects are frequently decisive. What gives you the feeling that you have ‘come home’ somewhere? It can be about the light in a house, the smell, the acoustics in a spacious room, the unique location of a house or the architecture. This feeling of ‘coming home´ is more difficult to include in the description of your desires. We really do our best to clarify that with you.


Experiencing the reality

We take you along to the houses or plots you would like to see. You have already formed an idea owing to photos and information. Now it is exciting to experience how the place is in reality. In an ideal case we will take you to your dream place immediately, but, and here we are honest, in most cases a lot more time is required. After viewing a number of properties you have a nice idea of Portuguese architecture, the layout of the houses and you can get an even better idea of what is required to really make it your place.


Have you found your place?

If you have found your ideal place and have reached an agreement on the price, it is time for formalities. If necessary, we’ll help you to get all information on the zoning plan, construction possibilities and other requirements. As part of our service, we will support you with the necessary formalities required for the draft purchase contract and the purchase deed. We’ll also help you request a Portuguese tax number (NIF) and a bank account. Please see section “Purchasing in Portugal” for more information about the formalities in the purchasing process.